Our Licenses

We have the following licenses.

#TECL 20488
Electrical Contractors License
Issuer: State of Texas
Qualifier: JV Electric, LLC
Expiration: November 4, 2016
Master Electricians License
Issuer: State of Texas
Qualifier: Jesse G. Villarreal
Expiration: May 24, 2016
#TECL 20488
Not Provided
Qualifier: Not Provided
Expiration: Not Provided

Our Insurance Coverage

We have the following insurance coverage relationships.

Billy Greaves Insurance Agency
Billy Townsend
San Antonio, TX. 78216
Policy Type Amount Expiration Date
General Liability Not Provided 10/30/16
Worker's Compensation Not Provided 10/30/16
Auto Liability Not Provided 10/30/16