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Engage is a business communication app built specifically for the commercial construction industry and powered by The Blue Book Network.

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A Communication App Built
for Construction Professionals

The Engage app gives Blue Book Network Members access to:

  • Industry information on highly relevant upcoming construction projects
  • Connections with other construction professionals
  • Business networking events in your area
  • And much more!

Stay Connected to the Industry

The app connects you to The Blue Book Network and creates a personalized feed based on your Membership, prioritizing what’s most important to you.

You’ll always be shown the most relevant, most up-to-date information. And as always, your local Franchise Owner will be available to provide help or facilitate an introduction.

Share Your Story and See Your Projects

Share a text update, an image, or a web link to Engage and your content will be shown to all Blue Book Network Members in the regions you advertise in.

Premier Members can access the BidBoard to see a feed of their projects of interest.

Access From Anywhere

Engage is available on desktop and on mobile devices, so you can stay connected to your local construction industry from wherever you are.

Enable “Dark Mode” to use Engage while putting less strain on your eyes.

Integration with LinkedIn

Connect Engage to your LinkedIn profile to automatically share content on both platforms.

Enable this feature by clicking the LinkedIn icon and completing the authorization login.

Ready to try the Engage app?

Go to engage.thebluebook.com and use your
Blue Book Network login credentials to get started.

Get Connected.

If you’re a Blue Book Network Premier Member, your profile has already been created in Engage. All you need to do is log in!

Get Informed.

When you log in, you’ll immediately start seeing news and information that’s customized just for you!

Get Engaged!

You can use this information to build relationships and make business decisions that benefit your company. As always, our Franchise Owners will be right there with you to help!

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local Blue Book Network Franchise Owner.

Keeping You Connected to Opportunity.

Your world of construction is right at your fingertips.
So get connected, get informed, and get engaged!

Available on desktop and mobile platforms at Engage.TheBlueBook.com