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If you're a business owner, property owner or property manager, Castle Window Covers can handle everything you need for your commercial blinds and commercial window shades projects. Whether you own or manage multiple buildings or a large facility, we can help you with your low-cost purchase and expert installation of commercial blinds, mini blinds, window roller shades, solar screens - virtually anything you need in terms of window treatments.

One way to keep your tenants and employees happy is to make sure they're comfortable while keeping the window treatments up-to-date, modern and new. It helps them understand that your pride in owning and managing your businesses and buildings reflects equally in keeping them comfortable and happy in their home or office. Whether you own apartment buildings, hotels, strip malls or large office buildings, Castle Window Covers matches the best prices with the best service when it comes to buying and installing blinds and window shades.

Do you have a problem with heating and cooling costs, loud noise, window condensation, or do you just want to be comfortable in your own home? Castle Window Covers has the solution. We help soundproof your windows while also keeping the temperature in your home comfortable all year long. Whether you have arch windows, classic single-pane windows or odd-sized, custom windows - or even if you want better soundproofing, Castle Window Covers has a Better Fit for your home.

Castle Window Covers serve a dual purpose: window soundproofing and window insulation to keep the temperature comfortable in your home all year long. Our insulating window covers are virtually invisible and they soundproof your windows by up to 70%. They also maintain the temperature in your home by eliminating cold drafts in the winter and preventing cool air from escaping through your windows in the summer. All in all, Castle Window Covers keep you comfortable all year long by soundproofing your windows and keeping your home's temperature right where you want it in hot or cold weather.

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