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  • Est. 2018
  • Size 100-249 Employees
  • Annual Vol Undisclosed

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Our Story

At Clearsite, we utilize Air/Hydro Excavation for difficult access environments that minimizes surface disruption and site restoration. This soil excavation method is precise and safe. We recognize that we need to complete our job safely and efficiently in order for you to advance yours. That understanding is what makes us a valued partner to our customers. Our experienced people, equipment and focus on safety is absolute and so is our commitment to you. Call a Clearsite professional today and advance your project with confidence.

What We Do

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Regions & Counties Serviced

  • Washington D.C.

Alabama All

Alaska All

Arizona All

Arkansas All

California All

Colorado All

Connecticut All

Delaware All

District Of Columbia All

Florida All

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Our CSI Codes

02 80 00.00.01 - Facility Remediation
22 05 76 - Facility Drainage Piping Cleanouts
33 01 30.13 - Sewer and Manhole Testing
33 01 30.16 - TV Inspection of Sewer Pipelines
33 01 30.71 - Rehabilitation of Sewer Utilities
33 05 19 - Pressure Piping Tied Joint Restraint System
33 13 00.00.01 - Disinfecting of Water Utility Distribution
33 31 16 - Industrial Waste Utility Sewerage Piping
33 39 23 - Sanitary Utility Sewerage Cleanouts
44 46 19 - Sludge Digesters


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Associations & Memberships

UTCA (Utility Transportation Contractors Assn. of New Jersey)
UTCA (Utility Transportation Contractors Assn. of New Jersey)
NUCA (National Utility Contractors Assn.)
NUCA (National Utility Contractors Assn.)
811 - Call Before You Dig
811 - Call Before You Dig
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