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Shine On Group: Services
Shine On Group: Services
Shine On Group: Services
Shine On Group: Services Window Cleaning
Shine On Group: Services
Shine On Group: Services Anchor Testing and Certification
Shine On Group: Services
Shine On Group: Services Safety testing and Certification
Shine On Group: Services
Shine On Group: Services Window Cleaning
Shine On Group: Services
Shine On Group: Services Window Cleaning
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Founded In: 1999
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Shine On Group is a commercial cleaning & maintenance company for over 20 years. We are a market leader specializing in advanced Industrial Rope Access (IRA), Roof Anchor install/certification and window cleaning for commercial properties. Our mission is to set the highest standards in the industry for IRA (Industrial Rope Access) expertise, RDS (Rope Descent System) expertise, SPRAT adherence, fall protection systems, anchor systems, ladder work, and general safety practices. Throughout greater Chicago and the surrounding Northern Illinois region, from large high rises to retirement communities, we provide exceptional customer service, dependable work, and affordable rates for all of our clients in the realm of window cleaning and roof certification/installation.

We specialize in designing fall protection systems to keep workers safe. This includes roof anchor systems, fall arrest and fall restraint, suspended access and installation. We lead the pack in fall protection by continuing to advance our knowledge of the industry and by committing to implementing the latest safety standards.

Shine On Group also has the expertise and personnel to offer you superior results for your cleaning and sanitation needs.  SOG offers advanced fogging system uses a hospital grade EPA registered disinfectant solution to sanitize your facility.  This system atomizes the solution turning it into a mist (fog) and upon application, sanitizes and disinfects the air, the ventilation system, and all surfaces it comes into contact with.  This fogging system allows the solution to remain airborne and settle on surfaces for a certain period of time before it evaporates, disinfecting with high efficiently and more quickly over other traditional cleaning methods. 

Our teams are trained in:

Customer Service & Communication

Fall Protection Systems

Roof Anchors and Anchorage Systems

Design and Installation

Certification and Testing

IRA (Industrial Rope Access)

RDS (Rope Decent Systems)

Window Cleaning Consultation

SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) standards.

Walking Working Surfaces and OSHA compliance (1910.27).

Advanced Sanitation Services

Thermal Fogging

Do you want your employees to get the best safety training that meets OSHA regulations? You can rely on Shine On Group to implement the latest safety standard and train your employees in the best possible manner. Our dedicated team comprises of vastly experienced and knowledgeable professionals who are adept at making walking work surfaces safe and reliable.

Safety and training becomes our responsibly when you hire us to meet your needs. We make sincere and committed efforts to meet OSHA regulations walking working surfaces to address your specific requirements. Quality and safety are the corner stones on which we have built our business.

We not only design and provide the safest and most affordable solutions to fulfill your unique needs, but we also offer the most advanced training for your employees to keep them safe and productive. We have completed and helped many companies nationwide to achieve the several projects highest fall protection standards that meet OSHA regulations walking working surfaces.

Shine On. 

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Member of SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) SPRAT (Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians)
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