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Our Story

Our main lines of business include: Construction Management.  Over the last 50 years we have specialized in restaurant chains. Not excluding independent restaurants.  We self perform many of our trades including drywall, acoustical, and framing.  On occasion we will work for other general contractors with those trades.

DCI Construction Management, Inc. has been listed in the Blue Book since 1994.

DCI CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT,INC. is proud of its achievements over the last 40 years. As Construction Managers and Developers we control all phases of development and construction. Our commitment to controlling the TIME & DOLLARS of development and construction is exemplified by our superb record. Here is a sample listing of some of our projects.

Reebok Crossfit Miami Beach Upscale crossfit gym in South Beach, Florida
Top Tier Crossfit Crossfit gym in Columbia Maryland
Reebok Crossfit 5th Ave. Crossfit gym in New York City
Reebok Crossfit Union Sq Crossfit gym in New York City
Project Human Multi-function athletic club in New York City

Warren Place Elderly housing in Baltimore County, Maryland, CDA financed, LIH tax credits, 120 apartments, Construction value $ 7,000,000.

Horizons I Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Office / Retail Complex, 60,000sf 3 story. Construction Value $2,500,000.
Horizons II Anne Arundel County, Maryland, Office / Retail Addition, 30,000sf 3 story. Construction Value $1,500,000.
Pizza Hut Corp. Office Bld'g Howard County, Maryland, Office Building, 15,000sf 2 story. Construction Value $ 850,000.
7130 Rutherford Woodlawn, Maryland Office Building, 20,000sf, 2 story
Oak Hall Condominiums Howard County, Maryland, Commercial / Flex Building, 34,000 sf, Value $6,000,000
Mount Airy Inn Mt Airy, Maryland, Retail / Restaurant Building, 8,000sf

Mid Atlantic Toyota Glen Burnis, Maryland, Distribution Facility and Office

Hunan Manor Howard County, Maryland, Chinese Restaurant
Popeye's Chicken Anne Arundel County, Maryland, 12 Fast Food Facilities
Hong Kong Restaurant Howard County, Maryland, Chinese Restaurant
Jesse Wong Kitchen Hunt Valley, Maryland, up scale Asean Restaurant
Bob Evans 4 projects in Maryland
Krispy Kream 1 project in Maryland
Red Lobster 1 project in Maryland

Gymkhana Club International Preliminary Study for Expanding existing club 2002


DCI CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT,INC. can provide a complete turnkey program to support the Investor’s interest in the development and actual construction of the project. This 14-point program has evolved as a result of DCI's commitment to meeting the Investor's objectives of time, quality, and cost.

DCI will schedule and conduct pre-construction meetings and bi-weekly progress meetings. All arranged parties will receive clear and concise minutes in a timely fashion. This serves to streamline the communication lines and reduce confusion and replicated effort.

Accuracy is vital in updating the construction schedule. DCI analyzes the construction progress in terms of the overall Project Construction Schedule. We constantly update the schedule to reflect the progress of shop drawings, samples approvals, and the allocation of labor and materials. This coordination process helps identify problem areas and allows for solutions before progress can be significantly hindered.

As the construction progresses, DCI will provide concise documentation on contract costs to date, completion percentages, change orders approved, change orders pending, as well as photographic documentation of the progress. DCI will also monitor contractor(s) performance, advising Owner and contractor(s) when obligations are not being fulfilled. This helps prevent disputes and major disruptions on the project.

DCI will maintain cost accounting records on authorized work. DCI also provides the Owner with security by documenting project costs, obtaining necessary invoices, and obtaining release of liens. This gives the Owner positive cost control with minimal involvement.

Change orders can make or break a project. DCI knows this. We aggressively analyze each request for validity, accuracy and cost. Our unique experience allows the Owner to know that no price gouging will take place, and no wasted time will be spent in the decision process.

DCI realizes that construction coordination is the most critical part of a successful project. Our on-site project managers are experienced in all phases of development and represent the Owner's interest on-site, full time, all the time.

DCI's relationship and expertise with various regulatory agencies is evidenced by our past ability to expedite permits and approvals for the Architect and Contractors involved.

DCI provides comprehensive technical assistance for equipment, deliveries, phasing and other Owner-related problems.

The difference that DCI offers is the ability to help the Owner in establishing a Purchasing Department for furniture, fixtures, equipment, etc. DCI has access to over 1,000 products at wholesale, dealer cost, or factory direct pricing basis. This allows the Owner to experience a true turn-key service.

DCI has developed a proven system for processing and review of contract(s) progress payments and final payments. We provide recommendations to the Owner and Architect that are well documented so that good working relationships are maintained.

DCI will assist the Owner/Architect in determining substantial completion. A comprehensive inspection is completed, then we assist with punch list preparation along with associated costs. This is forwarded to the Owner and contractor(s) for review and approval.

In the rush to get the job done, punch-out is often neglected. DCI aggressively monitors the punch-out process to insure the Owner receives full value for his project dollar.

DCI's comprehensive service always includes the monitoring of the utilities, operational systems, and equipment readiness checkouts.

DCI will maintain a high visibility on the project. Beyond the full time project manager, DCI's support staff will visit the site on an as needed basis. This high-profile policy gives the Owner valuable assistance when and where it is needed.

DCI CONSTRUCTION MANAGEMENT,INC. offers a 13 point pre-construction program for Construction Management and Development. Our program offers unique benefits of computer supported documentation and unmatched professional experience. We call this the "Performance Plus Program."

DCI provides a preliminary review of the Owner's program. We investigate and inspect existing facilities for compliance with existing codes and regulations, as well as advising on function, efficiency, etc. This service is very important because the results must be applied in determining the scope of work required. Nothing is left to chance.

DCI then provides its Preliminary Site Evaluation. Here, the site is examined in terms of best use, future expansion, access, operational flow, service flow, parking, etc. Today's Owner/Operator needs to be aware of how today's expansion could affect tomorrow's operations. DCI provides this type of insight.

Consulting with local zoning agencies is the next step. DCI determines which zoning issues are relevant to the Owner's program and site. This step is extremely important, in that it can have significant impact on the project budget, project schedule, and how the project will actually be conceptualized. It also provides insight into which Architect, Civil Engineer, and other consultants are qualified to render assistance on this project.

These studies are prepared based on DCI's prior experience, taking into account the parameters of the Owner's program, the site, zoning, and budget by conceptualizing the layout and space requirements. These studies serve as "the footprint." The footprint is important in helping to determine Architectural and Engineering Selection, Project Scheduling and Cost, and Value Engineering.

DCI not only assists the Owner in reviewing the budget, but provides key assistance in its preparation by using our state of the art CPM/Job Cost computer system. This system is programmed with historical construction data specifically developed by DCI. The system compares national construction costs with geographical modifiers and data gleaned from the inspection of existing facilities, site evaluations, zoning review, and space allocations. It is then further analyzed and compared to current construction industry economics. This gives the Owner a realistic expectation of Anticipated Cost and Schedule.

Only DCI offers a comprehensive system for selection of Architectural Services. Since the quality of the drawings and construction documents will directly affect the total project cost, this is an extremely important selection. Negotiating the proper scope of work for the right price is the object. Cost, experience, interpersonal skills, organization, and familiarity with the parameters which are unique to the project, are incorporated into a points total rating system to fairly determine which Architect is best suited to further the project's completion. Only DCI takes this extra step in client service.

One of the most important factors in any project is time. DCI realizes that so much hinges on proper timing, that we have developed a special computer subroutine for developing the Anticipated Schedule. Utilizing unique historical data developed and maintained by DCI, we prepare this Anticipated Schedule indicating key events that include Permits, Construction Start and Completion, and Occupancy. This schedule is further modified by data collected from the Program Evaluation, Site Evaluation, Space Allocation Studies, and Zoning Review. Finally, our staff reviews this information to deduce if any human, economic or management conditions may exist which could alter the progress. This exhaustive process helps eliminate the small things that are commonly overlooked, but can have damaging impact on the project.

DCI will now correlate all data to determine the Anticipated Cost. Once again, DCI's exclusive CPM/Job Cost computing system plays a key role. This system helps DCI identify areas where Value Engineering can be of strategic importance. All of this information is then compared against our historical data base to check for accuracy and feasibility. This services helps save the Owner from the pain of hidden costs.

DCI knows which systems work, and which systems don't. We provide detailed yet easy to understand models of system and project life cycles, as well as alternatives in products and methods, thus saving money where previously, savings were not anticipated.

As the Architect prepares drawings and specifications, DCI consults with the Owner and Architect to maintain the perspective necessary to be able to analyze and review alternative solutions whenever design details affect the project's cost, schedule, or construction feasibility. DCI's experience allows for the possibility of major cost reductions through this process.

DCI provides critical assistance to the Architect by relieving the Architect of the chores of pre-qualifying bidders, establishing the bidding schedule and conducting pre-bid conferences.

DCI will receive bids and prepare a comprehensive bid analyses for each trade division. The Owner and Architect will review recommendations based on the analyses. DCI will negotiate the final contract price with the lowest bidder in each trade division.

Finally, DCI will assist the Owner in preparing Construction Contracts. We then investigate and qualify all contractors, vendors, and material suppliers. This helps to insure the best possible value and delivery for the Owner.


What We Do

Commercial Experience

Regions & Counties Serviced

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  • Carroll

Our CSI Codes

01 24 13 - Value Engineering
01 29 83 - Payment Procedures for Testing Laboratory Services
01 31 13 - Project Coordination
01 31 19.13 - Preconstruction Meetings
01 35 16 - Alteration Project Procedures
01 84 19 - Interior Finishes Performance Requirements
01 85 00.00.01 - Conveying Equipment Performance Requirements
01 87 13 - Equipment Performance Requirements
01 88 16 - Selective Construction Performance Requirements
01 91 23 - Interiors Commissioning
01 91 23.13 - Interior Construction Commissioning
01 91 23.43 - Stairways Commissioning
03 08 00.00.01 - Commissioning of Concrete
04 08 00.00.01 - Commissioning of Masonry
05 01 40 - Maintenance of Cold-Formed Metal Framing
05 06 40 - Schedules for Cold-Formed Metal Framing
05 10 00.00.01 - Structural Metal Framing
05 12 13 - Architecturally-Exposed Structural Steel Framing
05 13 00.00.01 - Structural Stainless-Steel Framing
05 14 13 - Architecturally-Exposed Structural Aluminum Framing
05 40 00.00.01 - Cold-Formed Metal Framing
05 41 00.00.01 - Structural Metal Stud Framing
05 43 00.00.01 - Slotted Channel Framing
05 45 13 - Mechanical Metal Supports
05 45 23 - Healthcare Metal Supports
09 01 20 - Maintenance of Plaster and Gypsum Board
09 01 80 - Maintenance of Acoustic Treatment
09 06 20 - Schedules for Plaster and Gypsum Board
09 06 50 - Schedules for Ceilings
09 06 80 - Schedules for Acoustical Treatment
09 22 16 - Non-Structural Metal Framing
09 22 16.13 - Non-Structural Metal Stud Framing
09 51 53 - Direct-Applied Acoustical Ceilings

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