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Founded In: 2006

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Three words, sixteen letters: Better. Faster. Safe. That is the foundation of all that we do at Mountain Materials. It’s our credo, and it inspires us to boldly accept challenges that expand our limits. This calls us to constantly work towards perfection while ensuring every member of our team makes it home safe every night.  Mountain Materials deals with projects of all sizes throughout the mid-Atlantic. From small paving projects to multi-hundred million dollar highway reconstructions, our teams are busy every day improving the infrastructure our communities depend on.

Everything we do is done to ensure the highest standards from the inside out so that it can stand the test of time. We go the extra mile because we care about the positive impact our projects have on communities.

What we do impacts a large number of people and we’re extremely aware of how important it is to get things done on or ahead of schedule. A combination of great planning and the best workers in the industry, we’re efficient and quick without compromises.

Our most important job is to send everyone working on or around our projects home safe every night. For us, safety is not just a matter of compliance. It is a culture inspired from the top where we practice care and concern for each other in everything we do.

These three words appear prominently on the front of our hardhats in the shape of a triangle.  With Safety as the foundation, it supports Better and Faster.  Underneath the triangle is the name of the person wearing it, a personal connection to our commitment to Better, Faster, Safe.

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