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Services: Recent Project
Recent Project

In our fabrication shop, we provide: Structural: We fabricate and erect for commercial, industrial, residential buildings, bridges, canopies, metal decking, steel joists, and columns. We furnish and install structural steel including different W-beams, columns, tube steel, balconies, canopies, metal decking, steel bar joists, elevator framing, escalator framing and roof openings. Ornamental: Our shop fabricates and welds all types of aluminum, steel, and bronze such as stainless steel guard-rails, pipe railings, steel stairways, steel grating, metal doors, and miscellaneous. We also furnish and install guardrails, handrails, ornamental fences and gates, sliding gates, fire escape stair repairs, ramp railings, steel stairs, spiral stairs, catwalks, steel ladders, steel grating and other miscellaneous metal designs.