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Founded In: 1973

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Jaeger & Ernst represents the finest tradition of the American cabinetmaker,  that of the craftsman as both  maker and designer.

Jaeger & Ernst is one of very few, truly custom, design/build cabinetry, interiors and furniture shops. We refer to ourselves as “Cabinetmakers,” the traditional title for master craftsmen who design and fabricate cabinetry and furnishings of fine wood. The designation speaks directly from an era before “custom” became an advertising claim, indiscriminately applied to all manner of mass-produced and part assembled wood cabinetry.

We seek work to employ our craftsman’s skills as well to challenge our understanding and capabilities of woodworking and design.   Jaeger & Ernst are recognized for our craftsmanship and supporting design efforts by the Virginia chapter of the AIA.  Jaeger & Ernst have been designated “Master Artisan” by the Artisans Center of Virginia.  Our service & craftsmanship is trusted and depended upon for quality, the projects’ vision and timeliness of completion.

Each piece or entire room built is individually created for one particular space, individual stylistic preference, and functional requirements.  The making is supported through extensive shop drawings to ensure the desires of the client and the architect’s vision. Working closely with GC’s and design professionals Jaeger & Ernst provide the cabinetry, furniture and millwork to satisfy discriminating tastes and purposefulness.  On time delivery, exceptional quality, design support, detailed shop drawings and presence of the final work are our benefits to you and your clients.

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