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We offer the benefits of years of experience in land surveying, architecture, general and site construction, plan review and building inspection. In business since 2002, our years of great service and outstanding rapport with our clients have enabled us to establish a niche in the expediting field nationwide.

Who we are!

In past lives we were contractors, building inspectors, designers, project managers, surveyors, builders…Yes our staff has designed spaces, constructed buildings, inspected construction, performed plan reviews, and shot surveys. Today, we bring all of that experience to the approval process.

“Did we say we understand?”

What we do!

We get permits! We get projects approved! Whether it is exterior site improvements, ground up construction, façade, signage and canopies or interior renovations, we know the local process and navigate it well. We handle administrative roadblocks. We know the various agencies whose approval will be required based on project scope. We help you reach your project milestones on time and we let you know if there will be potential permit delays – before they happen! We anticipate and plan for reviewing agency response! We help tweak your design, before a rejection occurs. And we stay with you from project inception to completion, certificate of approval or occupancy.

“Have we said we love a challenge?”

How experienced are we!

We have obtained permits in the – 10,000’s plus in almost every state in the US and almost every county on the East and West Coast, almost every municipality in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut , Pennsylvania,  Washington both the state of and DC. Established in 2002 to serve the NY, NJ metropolitan area, our clients took us with them to handle their projects in the Midwest, the West Coast and even a few of the Caribbean islands.

“Did we say we have done this before?”

What we accomplish regularly!

Coordinate permitting process for dual tower high rise, mix use construction involving State Department of Community Affairs plan review and multiple agency permitting process, Coordinate utilities for ground up construction, obtain exterior site plan approvals, evaluate code for plan comment responses, historic district approvals, get permits.

What We Do

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