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Founded In: 2018
Size: 10-19 Employees
DUNS: #006494055

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Royal Blue Security Solutions is a new innovative security company who employs the most well-rounded and highly trained armed and unarmed security officers to meet and exceed not only Florida state qualifications, but also the expectations of all clients who choose to work alongside us in our goal to make a better and safer work environment.Royal Blue Security Solutions chose to do things differently and the understanding behind why we want more out of our officers is simple. Combined, the owners have been in the field for 4 decades in various types of security environments from Vaults, Retail, FEMA, and private and public events. What we learned is that there is too much separation in almost every as aspect of the field. The companies treat workers as numbers instead of individuals. This leads to low work performance. Companies also seldom give back to the clients that gave them business by helping the site improve if needed. We completely understand that there is always more to learn and more ways to grow to give our clients the best officers we can provide. Since we live in a time where satisfaction is only a click away, a few important qualities have taken a backseat. Qualities such as reliability and accountability are often seen as extra instead of the standard, which is of utmost importance to us.We believe that when people are more connected than ever before, there is no reason you should have to speak with a computer program. That’s why at Royal Blue Security Solutions we offer blended technology and a personal connection to ensure you will speak to a person and receive an answer to any question or concern in a timely manner. We give our word that we fulfill that obligation to the best of our abilities. We solve problems either with you or even for you. It’s never “I can’t,” but instead we ask, “How can we”? Every job site is different, and each site has different expectations of the security team working the location. Once assigned to a location, our security officers will be trained personally to fulfill the duties expected of them. Royal Blue Security Solutions officers will work to the fullest of our capabilities in order to ensure that the people and/or equipment at your location are safe and secure. Our view on a security company is never be content the way we are but always looking for ways to better ourselves. We really believe if you want the world to be a better place it takes hard work and dedication from everyone.From the point of view of many, expectations of security companies seem to be set rather low. With a background in emergency management, I’ve learned that we need to demand more of our security officers. That’s why our goal is to better equip our officers with knowledge of real world situations in addition to the basics. How to help assist law enforcement in active shooter cases, know what to look for and what to do in human trafficking situations, and learn skills that are most efficient. This is how you ensure security.

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