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Services Custom 14 ga,table top to fit roll up window with sneezed guard and over shelve
Services Custom service table and counter top !4' long and right 4' extension with sneeze guard
Services custom single tub sink for the Norwalk elementary school district
Services custom 14 ga, table top to fit roll up window with sneeze guard and over shelve
Services custom service table to fit roll up window
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Our main lines of business include: Food Service Equipment.stainless steel kitchen equipment,sinks,counter tops, wall shelves, working tables, standard or custom made,  mechanical installation of grease hoods and exhaust vent units and make up airs systems, fabrication of grease exhaust duct, and grease duct fire wrapping, 

We are located in the Salinas, California area. but our trade had take us from central to south California.

our services;  from taking your invite, read your project plans scope of work , provide you with reasonable estimate according with your approved plans, secure and accord and proceed to start on the propose date and see the job thru, 

other custom fabrication services,made of your choice of stainless steel  18,-16,-14 gages  if you need a work table, counter top sink or wall shelves with a specific size and shape, all of our tables, counter tops and wall shelves are all welded, wall lining provided with your choice of stainless steel 20 or 18 gages.

We repair, manufacture and sell stainless steel products. 

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