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You wouldn't recognize our work. Hopefully you don’t even notice it. Major public works entities, stadiums around the country, countless commercial, institutional, and industrial private clients all over use Bell Bird Control to solve their pest bird problems once and for all. We're really good at what we do.

Bell Bird Control focuses exclusively on pigeons, sparrows, starlings, and gulls.

A few quick facts about Bell Bird Control:

We do not provide service to single or multifamily residential homes.

No birds have ever been killed as a result of our work. We focus primarily on bird deterrent and bird repellent.

The furthest we have gone for a project is the Seattle Washington area.

The largest job we have tackled was over 600,000 square feet of netting over rail lines and under roadways at the St. George Terminal for the Staten Island Ferry.

The majority of our projects are for commercial and industrial clients from Boston down to the Washington DC area.

Our jobs are only considered successful if we solve your problem. 

We do not know about woodpeckers or squirrels. 

Not all projects are right for us and we won’t take on yours unless we think we can guarantee results. 

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