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Founded In: 1973
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Our Story

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Our Story:

Our father, Pete Sr., was born of Italian immigrant parents from Sicily in 1925 in Akron Ohio.He & Mom(full Hungarian immigrant parents) raised, 3 boy & 3 girl Italian Hungarian kids in West Akron, in the home Grandpa Conte built while working at the Akron Rubber factory. Our parents were married 63 years, with Dad's passing early in 2012, age 86, and Mom survives. So the Italian-Hungarian marriage worked pretty good.( We ate like royalty with those two cusines)

Dad started in the Remodeling business in Akron in 1957, after serving as Union rep for Borden Milk Co.( yes, he was a milkman)His first Retail company was a success with over 25 employees,On-Sides Siding company. The 3 boys, Pete Jr. , Michael, & David , all have boyhood memories of Saturdays in the Showroom, and Storm Window manufacturing plant later added.

So, from the early 1960's, the family pioneered their way into Vinyl Window & Siding products. This was unique among a thriving 'aluminum' window & siding industry. They speculated  though that Vinyl was the future ! Today Vinyl Window sales comprise 92% of the Ohio  and National Window market.

Pete Sr. , was forward thinking and served as National Sales Manager for a grass-roots Chicago Vinyl Extruder Producer from 1964-68.  Dad picked one of the 3 boys to travel with him often during Summer break, learning the Vinyl Window industry, seeing the generational upgrades in Vinyl Technology.( and sightseeing the whole country, which we loved !) 

As the 60's ended & 70's began, Pete Sr. awaited the boys graduation from schools and college. But chomping at the bit, Pete Jr. & Michael left Akron University after 1 year(pursued Business degrees), to join the new family business opened in Central Ohio 1973.Both Pete Jr. and Michael were newlyweds as well. David would join the business , while in River Valley High School in Marion.( David had a unique engineers' nose, & ran his own crew in High School, doing almost perfection quality skilled-work. The customers loved him !) 

Conte Remodelers then began as a Vinyl Siding & Window Dealer, enjoying outstanding growth with thousands of customers over the next decades. Delaware Ohio became the next logical expansion for the business, because of Delaware's economic growth.

The decades that followed, allowed us to expand to all types of home remodeling. Room Additions, Roofing, Basements, Concrete,New Home Building, etc.By early 2000's, we would add the Window Depot USA product line to our business, after careful study of the product line and core company ideals.

Each of the 3 of us sons, thankful that Dad allowed us to find our niche, found his 'thunder' within the business. Some excel at design & production, another enjoys people & sales, or estimating & office procedures. Each of us ended up doing what we loved ! ( Michael spent 1 hour applying new siding, walked into the office, then joined sales forever) Actually, all 3 boys enjoy many facets of the business, and do a little of everything STILL !

We bring a rich heritage to our business. Not just longevity, but real passion for what we do. Example: We will show you explicitly, that our warranties on Siding, Windows, & Roofing are unmatched ! It's taken 40 + years to get there ! You, the Customer, are the Benefactors.

There is real satisfaction in beautifying your home, part of your neighborhood, part of our town, part of our World, together. And making a friend along the way. Thank you- from the Conte Boys !

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