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Founded In: 1978
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What makes Building Assets Construction company different from other Minneapolis contractors? Trust & Confidence.  It's so important that it's a part of every contract:

"The Contractor accepts the relationship of trust and confidence established by this agreement and covenants with the Owner to cooperate with the Owner and utilize the Contractors best skill, efforts and judgment in furthering the interests of the Owner; to furnish efficient business administration and supervision; to make best efforts to furnish at all times an adequate supply of workers and materials, and to perform the work in the best way and most expeditious and economical manner consistent with the interests of the Owner.  The Owner agrees to exercise best efforts to enable the Contractor to perform the work in the best way and most expeditious manner by furnishing and approving in a timely way information required by the Contractor and making payments to the Contractor in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents."

We conduct ourselves with this statement in mind.  We invite you to consid

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