Campbell Plastering LLC


Heath, OH 43056

Company Info

  • Est. 2010
  • Annual Vol $500,000 - $1 million

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Our Story

Campbell Plastering has one goal that is key for a good plastering company, and that is keeping quality and perfection in every job we do. Plastering has been around for ages and is an art in its own form; transforming your homes' walls and ceilings into a solid unit. There are many reasons to keep your home plastered rather than using drywall. The insulating factor is a major difference keeping your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. Also the dexterity of plaster outweighs drywall by far, helping keep your walls strong and protecting them from any potential damage.

What We Do

Commercial Experience

Church / Synagogue City / Town Hall Court House Historic Preservation Residential Building School / College / University Theater
House Industrial Maintenance Misc Project Museum Non-Building Construction Non-Residential Building

Regions & Counties Serviced

  • Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton - Southern Ohio

Ohio All

Our CSI Codes

01 35 91 - Historic Treatment Procedures
09 01 20.91 - Plaster Restoration
09 23 13 - Acoustical Gypsum Plastering
09 23 82 - Fireproof Gypsum Plastering
09 25 13 - Acrylic Plastering
09 25 23 - Lime Based Plastering
09 26 13 - Gypsum Veneer Plastering
09 27 13 - Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Plaster Fabrications
09 27 23 - Simulated Plaster Fabrications

Project Experience

  • Non-Union
  • Prevailing Wages (Davis Bacon)
  • Public
  • Private
  • Service Work/Repairs


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Associations & Memberships

BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ Rating
BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ Rating
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Angie's List
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