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J.B. Ventures, Inc. d.b.a. J.B. Steel is an American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) Certified Steel Fabricator, an AISC Certified Steel Erector and a Clark County Approved Fabricator providing a full range of structural and miscellaneous steel products and services.  Our mission is to provide our customers with better service, higher quality, faster delivery and greater value than our competition. 

Because we choose to both fabricate and erect our steel, we are able to react quickly to our customers’ needs.  Our cross-trained work force allows us to rapidly redeploy manpower to meet the ever changing demands of our active projects.   We are able to provide a high level of service on projects of all sizes and complexities, whether it's a multi-million-dollar technical facility or the installation of a single steel railing or lintel.

Founded in 1994, J.B. Steel has grown into one of the largest integrated fabricators and erectors of structural and miscellaneous steel in Arizona.

In 2000, J.B. Steel opened a new facility, designed specifically to handle steel fabrication.  In 2011, J.B. Steel added a PythonX robotic 3D plasma cutter to improve the quality and reduce the cost of processing steel.  In 2013, J.B. Steel added a large plasma table with the capability of edge piercing steel up to 3.2” thick using True Hole cutting technology.

J.B. Steel uses state of the art bar coding technology to track material from the time it is received until it is shipped to the job site for erection.  All structural materials are traceable back to the mill and lot.  With a click of the mouse, the status of any item can be determined instantly.

J.B. Steel has been listed in the Blue Book since 2000.

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