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Daylight America company (DA) is the Nation's leader in the design, manufacturing and installation of full spectrum daylighting products.  We are the only daylighting company in America which offers active daylighting, passive daylighting, hybrid lighting systems, darkening screen devices, lighting controls and design/consultation services.  We continue to lead the industry in innovation and implementation of new technologies and are currently merging our daylighting systems with highly efficient LED lighting technologies to create the ultimate cost effective natural lighting system. 

DA designs, manufactures, and installs proprietary, highly efficient component daylighting systems.  For a wide range of commercial, industrial, school, an other public buildings, our systems typically save more than 25% of electric power costs, reduce greenhouse gases, and greatly improve the productivity of building occupants.

DA' Light Harvesting Fixtures differ greatly from traditional skylights, incorporating multiple components that diffuse daylight throughout the work area, prevent solar heat gain, and create calibrated, controllable, and aesthetically pleasing light. DA designs and installs all of our products, or we can train roofing companies to do the installations.  We work with architects and builders to ensure a seamless and successful integration with existing building systems or to upgrade with new green ideas. When properly designed and engineered, daylighting provides significant opportunities to improve revenue, employee productivity, student performance and the environment.

When prioritizing renewable energy and energy conservation initiatives, daylighting reduces the payback period of alternate rooftop renewable energy technologies when used in conjunction with them. Daylighting a building's interior significantly impacts electrical consumption while not consuming a lot of roof area. Even high efficiency illumination powered by solar photovoltaic panels will have a much longer payback period than daylighting!


Energy Savings

DA's Passive Light Harvesting Systems provide natural lighting inside buildings for an average of eight hours per day.  Passive daylighting allows building managers to turn off their electric lighting during the day, dramatically reducing energy needs and electrical maintenance costs, which can account for 30% to 40% of a building's utility expense.

Daylighting radiates less heat than traditional skylights and electrical lighting, which means buildings stay cooler naturally, so daylighting also reduces air conditioning expenses.

Daylighting Systems' products function well even with moderate cloud cover due to the company's advanced technology and design methodology.

Daylighting brings natural light inside and improves people's visual acuity by providing superior recognition of detail, text, graphics and color compared to conventional electric lighting. Studies show people can see better and perform tasks more effectively in naturally lit environments (Heschong Mahone).


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