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Pipe Tec Inc.

Baldwin Park, California 91706
(626) 338-1434

Pipe Tec, Inc. handles your residential, commercial, or industrial excavation and pipe cleaning projects. Specializing in the cleaning of all types of pipes,

drains, and sewers, our business boasts more than 50 years of combined experience and more than 35 years working with multiple municipalities and

contractors. In addition to our reliability and punctuality, we are known for successfully completing difficult jobs that other companies just cannot. We offer our

services 24/7 to companies and residents throughout the state of California.

We specialize in:

  • Sewer & Storm drain Cleaning and Vacuuming  Ex. Roots, Debris, Grease     (Combo Vacuum/Jet Truck, High Pressure Jet Truck)
  • Specialty Pipe Cleaning  Ex. Removal of calcium, slurry, concrete     (10K Waterblasting)
  • Mainline and Lateral Inspection using CCTV Robotic Cameras, Lateral Launching, and Push Camera (PACP and NASSCO Certified)
  • Pipeline Locating and tracing
  • Pipe Repair using U.V. Pipe Patching and Top Hats and/or CIPP Pipe Lining
  • Lift Station Repair



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