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California Locating Services Inc.

Anaheim, California 92806
(714) 632-1596

Woman Owned  Licensed in the State of California

Professional Pipe Services Overview

California Locating Services office is located in Anaheim California.

California Locating Services began providing Pipe Services in 2010. It’s Field Services Manager; Rick Rice has over 10 years experience providing quality inspection services.

California Locating Services has been providing cleaning and video inspection of sewer lines in a variety of sizes in Southern California. We have extensive experience with large video and cleaning projects.

Our Pan & Tilt cameras are state-of-the-art equipment with 360º digital viewing capability. CCTV inspections can also utilize our software technology to collect and analyze a variety of data from within sewer systems.

We are capable of cleaning and televising 4" to 96" sewer lines, storm drains, catch basins.

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