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Torrance, California 90501
(310) 408-3448

Current homes are more bold and sophisticated than ever before.  They are filled with electronic devices, lighting controls, home automation, and communication wiring that require careful planning and engineering.  At Electrize we are trained in these sophisticated new home-wiring systems and understand how to lay them out and install them. Regardless of the style and complexity of your home, the professionals at Electrize will get the wiring done right the first time.

If your thinking about adding lights or running new wiring in your home you can be assured that the electricians of Electrize are trained and equipped for such challenges. We understand construction techniques and wiring methods and posses the ability to anticipate problems so as to effectively work around them.

Our electricians are neat, clean and respectful of your precious belongings.    Whether you are adding a ceiling fan, a chandelier, changing the service panel, or upgrading your current lighting system, our certified electricians are among the best in their field.

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