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Located in Arizona
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Legacy Roofing, LLC has been serving Arizona roofing needs since 2009.  Based in Phoenix, Legacy has provided services ranging from repairs and re-roofs, to major projects for different commercial buildings.  Legacy is family owned and operated utilizing over 25 years of experience in the roofing constructions business.  Before Toby Ebarb opened Legacy Roofing’s doors in Phoenix, he founded and owned Badger Roofing in Prescott, Arizona for 12 years.  He gained experience and knowledge in the trade working in both Arizona and California before returning to Prescott to start his own company.  In 2008 he made the move to Phoenix and within a year opened a new roofing company.  In the last the three the years the company has grown and made great efforts to expand its business to better serve the incredible need for re-roofs in the Phoenix area.

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