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California Auger Boring Inc.

Anaheim, California 92806
(714) 240-4051

Our team at California Auger Boring has over 30 years of experience meeting the needs of our customers. California Auger Boring provides Pre-job planning, pot holing of utilities, tunneling, auger boring and pipe jacking needs to an industry that has exacting job requirements. Our past performance, and number of return customers is your assurance that your job requirements are met.

Every employee at California Auger Boring is committed to ensuring the safety of the general public, as well as the safety of every employee assigned to your project. At California Auger Boring, our commitment is always to, “Safety First”. All employees receive specialized safety training that is specific to auger boring.

Our employees are represented by two unions. The Operating Engineers and the Laborers Union.

We are licensed in the State of California. California General Contractors License #926950

For a free quote of your project, or assistance with Pre-job planning, contact Kevin Reardon at 714-456-9650.

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