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Founded In: 1979
Size: 50-99 Employees
Annual Vol: Not Provided
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A-1 Sandrock Inc was founded in 1979, by Gene Petty as a mining company in Greensboro, North Carolina. A-1 mined a local material known as Sandrock and sold it to contractors as a base material during construction projects. As years moved on A-1 had to reclaim its quarry pits and stabilize steep high walls around the property, A-1 starting accepting stumps and land clearing debris in the early 1980’s to refill mining pits and that started A-1’s landfill operations.

In 1987, A-1 received a Demolition landfill permit from the state of North Carolina permit (# 41-87-1) and operated through the early 1990’s offing contractors and residents throughout Guilford County with convenient location to dispose of construction and demolition debris, pick up aggregate materials and also buy materials such as topsoil and mulch.

In 2001, A-1 Sandrock Inc sited Guilford County’s first solid waste MSW transfer station to ease waste troubles trough out the City of Greensboro and High Point, in 2003 the transfer station was sold to and operated by Republic Waste.

In 2006 A-1 opened a new Sandrock mine and Construction and Demolition landfill (permit # 41-17) at 2091 Bishop road Greensboro, North Carolina. The new landfill that A-1 operates utilizes a mechanized recycling line, and provides LEED reports for construction sites through its sister company Absolute Recycling Contractors LLC (ARC).  With this being our current base of operations for both companies it's your one stop shop for all your project needs.  On site is where we provide our ABC recycled gravel, mulch, and compost.  As well as our central base for recycling, demolition hauling, and daily operations.  We have a helpful and expeirenced staff to assist or answer any questions you may have with your latest or upcoming project.

In 2008 A-1 expanded into the recycling market in an attempt to minimize our carbon footprint even further.  We now have multiple crews of crushers, screeners, and grinders to assist in the recycling of road materials in and around our great state of North Carolina. In addition to getting the equipment necessary for this scope of work, A-1 currently operates many different shingle recycling facilities as well. 

You can also find A-1 operations currently at the old Viewmont Sandrock Facility 4048 Viewmont drive Greensboro, North Carolina.  On site we provide screened, and unscreened sandrock to suit whatever your job may call for.  We can provide samples to customers whom need to test for compaction before buying our product.  Our ultimate goal at A-1 Sandrock is one hundred percent customer satisfaction.

With our steady growth over the past thirty years, confidence in our craft of work; and Gene's Grandsons overseeing day to day operations.  We are confident here at A-1 Sandrock we can provide services to anyone in the construction and demolition, recycling, or aggregate business. 


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Check out ARC-Recycling (Division of A-1 SandRock, Inc.) for all your container and recycling needs

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