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AP & Deck Waterproofing Systems, Inc.

Concord, California 94521
(925) 686-2761

AP and Deck Waterproofing System, Inc., brings a new spirit, genuine enthusiasm and modern technology to an industry slow to take advantage of improved methods of productivity and accomplishment.
We at AP and Deck Waterproofing System, Inc., are able to offer our clients superior service at lower cost due to our combination of a more willing business attitude and approach, better methodology, and the latest in top-quality equipment, providing the benefits of high impact, variable voltage, noise reduction, dust control, improved wear components, and a variety of configurations.
By combining customized and innovative approaches, new and improved technology, diligent and avid attention to the job, we seek out and eagerly take on the more unusual and demanding jobs while continuing to provide the highest quality expertise and results for routine work for the construction industry, new and tenant improvements, commercial and retail facilities, and industrial plants.
We take pride in our reputation as the fastest-responding preparation company.
Call AP and Deck Waterproofing System, Inc. for:
  • Expert controlled removals
  • Fast coating removal and surface preparation
  • Anchor tooth profile or concrete and steel surfaces
Ask us to clean or remove stubborn built-up coating and residues... cut quickly through most materials... remove damaging deposits and residues... prepare concrete or metal surfaces for repair or recoating.

You can rely on us for indoor work at plants, factories, mills, utilities, wineries and power plants, or outdoors on runways, parking decks, bridges, or other structures.

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