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Contractors Landfill and Recycling Facility

Mesa, Arizona 85201
(480) 892-8025


Mark’s Valley Grading, Inc. purchased Contractor’s Landfill and Recycling in 2006.

Here we accept clean concrete, clean asphalt and clean dirt from our demolition projects, public contractor’s discarding of materials from their projects as well as the general public. The concrete and asphalt that is disposed of at our location is then recycled through our crusher system and distributed back into the industry allowing for a “GREEN” approach to construction. This newly recycled material is tested by the City of Mesa and/or a private testing company to meet specification requirements. This material can be used for road base, floor sub base, backfill material and to assist in the development of temporary or permanent roadways. At Contractor’s Landfill and Recycling, not only are you are able to dispose of the material but we also offer a wide variety of material for purchase. In addition, we also offer truck rental and material hauling from your construction project to our landfill location. We are an “eco-friendly” company which means a lot to consumers today.

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