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General Information for:
Cornerstone Technologies, Inc.

Long Beach, California 90802
(562) 494-9465

General Information for:
Cornerstone Technologies, Inc.

Long Beach, California 90802
(562) 494-9465

About Cornerstone Technologies, Inc.

Long Beach, California 90802

Cornerstone Technologies, Inc. is the consulting, engineering, construction, and green concepts firm bringing outstanding services to commercial and government clients in the U.S.  Cornerstone has built a proud 21 year history and a leading market position based on experience serving land developers, builders, mortgage companies, banks, government agencies, transportation companies, waste generators and manufacturers. Cornerstone provides expert engineering, construction and environmental compliance services.  Not only does Cornerstone provide value to your projects through a keen focus on quality and schedule management, compliance strategies, control and project time management, but we have developed successful long term relationships with regulatory agencies to keep your company on track.

Cornerstone is an A, A-HAZ environmental engineering contractor serving California and beyond. We perform site assessment services including Phase I ASTM reports, site investigation Phase II site characterization and remediation projects. Additionally, Cornerstone performs facility closures and industrial demolition. Our technical services department designs, permits and installs aboveground storage tank (AST) systems, wastewater and air pollution control systems. We provide general compliance, annual reporting and permitting services for such agencies as SCAQMD, CUPA, fire department, DTSC, EPA, RWQCB, LACSD, LACDPW, CARB and ARB. We are also the recommended firm to complete 5-Year Tank Assessment Certification reports for PBR and Tiered permitted waste treatment tank systems.


•  Environmental Regulatory Compliance Audits
•  ISO 14001/18001 Environmental and Safety
•  Environmental Management Systems
•  Sustainability Consulting

•  Equipment Air Permit
•  Federal Title V Compliance
•  Emission Control Engineering and Permitting
•  Emission Control Installation and Monitoring
•  Annual Emission Fee Statements (AEFS)
•  Emission Reduction Credits/ Offset Credits
•  Green House Gas Baseline Reporting


 •  Hazardous Materials Business Plan Reporting
 •  Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank Compliance
 •  Hazardous Materials Handling and Storage Compliance
 •  Tiered Permitting and Permit-by-Rule
 •  Onsite Hazardous Waste Treatment Compliance 
 •  Release Management Plan (RMP)
 •  Secondary Containment Design and Construction
 •  Secondary Tank Assessment Reports

•  Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit Applications
•  Self-Monitoring Reports (SMRs)
•  Annual Surcharge Statement Reporting 
•  Wastewater Treatment System Design and Permitting 
•  Wastewater Treatment Technologies Application

•  Industrial Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
•  Storm Water Monitoring Programs (SWMP)
•  Storm Water Quality Implementation and Monitoring Plans (SQUIMP)
•  Storm Water Recycling and Treatment System Design, Engineering and Construction
•  Best Management Practices (BMPs) Installation

•  EPA Waste Generator Identification Number
•  Board of Equalization Waste Fee Calculations
•  Annual Toxic Release Inventory Reporting (TRI)

•  Processing Tanks and Metal Finishing Operations Construction
•  Facility Closure and Permit Termination
•  New Facility Construction and Process Capability Development
•  Engineering Contractor California A, A-HAZ 749743

Please call John Talbot at (562) 494-9465 or mobile at (562) 688-1846 for immediate assistance.



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