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Sunbelt Coatings Paint & Supplies is Tucson's Home Grown Paint Store!

Sunbelt Coatings has a broad range of products for all your painting and coating needs. Whether it's for your home, business or construction needs, we have it.

Please come to our store we will be happy to assist you with any questions.

Below is a brief description of the types of paints, coatings and stains we have to offer.

Our interior paints include Coronado's Tough Walls - A very durable and easy to clean product. It comes in flat, semi-gloss and satin finishes. Another popular product in the Coronado line is the Super-Kote - A vinyl latex paint which covers most surfaces in one coat. Along with those two great products we carry another great name Benjamin Moore. They are a designer favorite and offer the latest styles and trends. With Benjamin Moore you can create unique color pallets to fit every room in your home. Ask about the Affinity Line.

Sunbelt Coatings has a full line of sundry products which include Purdy, Wooster, Hyde & Allway, Reaves and 3M products. Sundry items range from drop clothes to brushes to putty knives and rollers, we are your one stop painting shop.

We carry exterior paints, including our Elastomeric Coatings. It is designed for waterproofing many types of property, after the exterior surface is prepared and primed. It's ability to seal and fill masonry surfaces, combined with permanent flexibility, resistance to dirt pick-up and super adhesive, results in a long life coatings that will stop water penetration even during wind driven rain storms.

Supreme Collection House paint provides a durable and protective finish on any properly prepared and primed exterior surface.

Our concrete coatings include Aqua Plastic Final Finish - a water reduced acrylic concrete coating, designed for interior and exterior masonry surfaces. It also comes in a solvent base finish.

Step Safer, an anti-slip surface which is 100% Acrylic, provides a durable skid resistant finish for interior and exterior applications. This product imparts excellent adhesive, resistant to foot traffic, as well as exceptional color retension, even in extreme sunlight. This product is great on tennis courts, around the pool and even on handicap ramps.

Kemiko floor stain is a self etching permanent concrete stain. Please visit the products section of our site to learn a little more about the products we carry.

Stop by our shop to learn more and see what we have in stock for your next painting and coating job!

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