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Contractor Joe Paez has the experience to complete your project on time with quality workmanship at competitive prices, from any size remodeling project to totally new construction, we take your project from design to completion.
We take the mystery out of remodeling or building your project by helping you bridge the gap between property owner/management, Architect and governmental agencies as needed.
Proper planning is a key to a smooth running project.  Unfortunately many contractors rush to start and skip or intentionally NEGLECT details that can lead to cost overruns and delays. While no contractor can foresee every contingency, we have made it a point and policy to try and anticipate possible contingencies or related needs that may lead to cost over runs.  We have done this many times EVEN THOUGH THE ADDITIONAL COST JEOPARDIZED THE PROJECTS VIABILITY. 
Planning to Avoid Surprises is our planning goal
Commercial / Industrial Remodeling
Contractor Joe Paez can help your business plan and complete your office remodel in the fastest time possible. Our careful planning will ensure zero or minimal business downtime depending on your needs. Our goal is to do cost effective, quality work in a timeline that is suitable for your business needs. We try and offer a variety of ways we can save your organization money and time. We offer our costs plus labor option.
The remodeling services we offer to our industrial and commercial clients include everything from small projects like a single restroom remodel to more comprehensive, whole-building renovation projects. Often business owners will find a great location for their company, but the offices, warehouse or production layout itself does not fit their exact needs. This is where we shine.
Industrial Repairs.
Contractor Joe Paez can help you with that cracked or broken beam, the damage that the fork lift did when it hit the office wall, did the roof leak and damage the office ceiling? Did a fire sprinkler main fail and lift and destroy part of the parking lot concrete?  Contractor Joe Paez has fixed these problems and more!!
Industrial Additions. 
Contractor Joe Paez can help you with that new concrete pedestal or foundation needed for that 40 ton press along with the support lines such as water, compressed air, electrical, sewer or any other new need that is required.
Build Out Contractor Services
Whether creating new office space, adding / increasing the size of new lunch rooms, break rooms, restrooms or building out a retail marketplace, remodeling a restaurant or fabricating any other tenant build out project, CJP offers the upmost level of diligence to your project, from demolition to final inspection.
Business Office Remodeling
Regardless if you are in a business from A to Z, Contractor Joe Paez will help you remodel your office space, expand your waiting rooms, or simply give your building a new fresh look
We have the knowledge base and skills to manage any commercial remodeling project.
Restaurant Remodeling
Whether your restaurant needs a total transformation, a bump-out, or a half-wall moved in order to comply with city or state regulations, it is of major concern to you. It is equally important to Contractor Joe Paez remodeling contractors that your project is executed properly and with minimal impact on your business operation. After careful, meticulous planning, we excel in executing our work with the time frame that will keep your business open.
Retail Remodeling
When construction needs to be completed, selecting a retail remodeling contractor is often the most difficult part of the overall project. Let Contractor Joe Paez help make your project flow smoothly from start to finish. On short notice we can be there when other commercial remodeling contractors are unavailable while maintaining quality, dependability and minimizing disruption to regular business operations.
ADA Compliance/ Wheelchair Accessible Alterations
You want to make sure that everyone, including the disabled and elderly can enjoy the benefits of your business
• RESTAURANTS remodeling or build out as a tenant improvement


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