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This website supports contractors and landowners’ efforts to exchange soil.  On DirtTrade.com find regulatory information on managing contaminated soil in your state.  Use local vendor directories to find laboratories, consultants, truckers, excavators, hazardous waste cleanup and others serving your area.



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The Importance of Clean Soil

Soil develops from the breakdown of rock and the accumulation of organic matter. The sculpting of the earth’s surface over the years results from such factors as surface water movement, rain, wind, glaciers, biological activity, and volcanic action. The roots of every ecosystem reside in its soil. Building projects cause many tons of soil to be relocated each year in the United States. It used to be the case that much of the soil came from gravel pits and other virgin sources.Read More


The Environmental Regulations For Soil Relocation Overview

Gravel pits that formerly provided clean fill for construction sites have largely been depleted or have become substantially more expensive. Today, most fill used at construction sites is derived from other construction sites, the former uses of which often are undocumented along with their potential to be impacted. Unless the contractor providing the soil provides certification of its quality and/or test results, it is possible that the soil recipient is accepting contaminated soil for which the recipient may be liable for removal and/or cleanup, as well as impact to neighbors.



Overview of Federal Regulations

DirtTrade.com generally is oriented to assist contractors involved in soil management associated with property development, construction, demolition, and renovation activities. Such activities generally involve the disposal of excess soils and/or importation of "clean" fill to address changes in property grade, disposal of contaminated soil (usually under remediation guidelines), disposal of construction and demolition debris, disposal of other solid waste, and disposal of hazardous waste.


Recommendations In Using This Website

Following are general recommendations for both recipient and provider of construction fill material at this website:



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