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General Information for:
UK Electric LLC

Peoria, Arizona 85345
(623) 587-0546

General Information for:
UK Electric LLC

Peoria, Arizona 85345
(623) 587-0546

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About UK Electric LLC

Peoria, Arizona 85345

Company Profile

UK Electric, LLC was founded on November 16th, 2006 by Graham and Janet Pattison with the intent to provide its customers with unparalleled quality  and workmanship in the electrical contracting field. 

Starting with electrical for the retail grocery industry which encompasses ground up, remodel, lighting retrofits, service and maintenance of both the electrical distribution systems, refrigeration controls and EMS systems for companies including but not limited to Safeway, Inc, Krogers Ranch Market.  This led UK Electric to expand into the gasoline dispensing  industry.  This area of work was then expanded to include  Circle K convenience and gas facilities. Fuel dispensing is a specialty electrical installation that most electrical contractors avoid because of the additional knowledge and understanding their employees need of the National Electric Code.  This requires them to work within classifications such as Class 1 Division 1 and 2 locations at fueling dispenser and tank locations.

The Photovoltaic Solar power generation industry (PV) has been a point of interest for Graham which prompted him in early 2009 to pursue additional trained personnel  and training for UK Electric’s employees through CED Greentech, Solar Depot, and Jim Dunlop Solar.  While working with larger potential commercial PV Solar customers UK Electric, LLC established a sizable list of residential PV solar projects.

Additionally, UK Electric LLC does specialty testing and maintenance including thermal infrared imaging, power quality analysis, power factor correction, custom capacitor sizing, and harmonic analysis of electrical distribution systems up to 600 Volts.

UK Electric, LLC also provides services as a direct vendor to Safeway, Inc, Circle K, Magellan Aerospace, Victory Property Management, Liberty Water, Hill Phoenix Comprehensive Services and many others.


Electrical Contracting Services

New construction using the latest state of the art techniques in energy savings and management from the point of connection at the electric utility to the receptacle in the wall ground up construction covers everything in the electrical distribution system.

Fuel or gasoline dispensing facilities require a special knowledge of explosion proof apparatus and devices and most electricians or electrical contractors never have the opportunity to work with these classifications.

Remodel construction is the most difficult to estimate and the most challenging to perform as the need to keep customer services up and running during the remodel is paramount to a successful project.

Tenant improvements incorporate an existing shell building with a new improvement to meet the tenants specific needs as a business, this could include a 60,000 sqft Ranch Market grocery store or a 320 sqft coffee kiosk.

Lighting retrofits and upgrades include progressive companies like Safeway, Inc who have programs for changing old technology such as T12 fluorescent lighting to current energy efficient compact fluorescent lamps(CFL’s) and LED’s.

Lighting maintenance for business complexes are vital to help facilities attract new customers while maintaining existing customers or tenants and helps control rising energy costs by maintaining the lighting fixtures in working order.

Electrical controls and energy management systems are key to a energy efficient building by controlling what is on and when it is on at the same time having the ability to change and maintain these parameters locally or from a remote location.

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar electric generating plants for residential and commercial applications involve structural installations of PV modules or panels that will last 20 years or more along with a direct current to alternating current electrical system through an inverter that is connected to strings of modules in series and then connected in parallel to achieve the desired voltage and current which is called an array.

Infrared inspection is one of the most effective methods of predicting electrical failures before your facility is loosing money because your electrical distribution system failed.  From fuses, loose connections, defective loads or equipment to in-balanced loads a trained Thermographer will save you money.

Electrical power quality can be a nightmare for maintenance electricians and facilities managers that is why combining a good understanding of electrical distribution systems and the training in the right testing equipment can be an asset that all building types can use.


Areas of Focus

Understanding or listening to what our customers are saying allows us to provide the right services when our customer needs it.

Installation of new electrical distribution systems and services including changes to existing systems with limited or scheduled down time.

Designing and installing photovoltaic solar generating plants for residential and commercial applications.

Infrared imaging to evaluate your entire building from the electrical distribution system to termites in the walls and leaks in your roof this technology when used by train personnel can save thousands.

Electrical testing, energy savings analysis and electrical distribution analysis using power quality meters, data loggers and experienced electricians.



Safeway, Inc. expansions, remodels, resets and services for all stores located in Arizona with project sizes ranging from $250.00 to $425,000.00

Krogerss Food and Drug stores, interior remodels and Fuel Centers projects ranging from $200.00 to $127,000.00

Sprouts Farmers Markets stores conversions from Sunflower Market to Sprouts farmers markets and service projects ranging from $265.00 to $10,000.00

Ranch Market #6 tenant improvement $1,000,000.00

Circle K stores, Ina Road & I-17 Marana, AZ $125,000.00, Ajo & Park Tucson, Arizona $127,000.00, Valencia Road & I-19, Tucson, AZ $91,000.00

PV Solar projects Residential, Multiple residential solar projects from 2KW to 12KW


Safety, Education and Training


UK Electric, LLC believes that all company employees have the right to work in a safe environment which enables them to go home every night in one piece.

We achieve this with a combination of training with tool box safety meetings dedicated to the tasks we perform, maintaining tools and equipment in good working order, experienced field, Office and Ownership.

This philosophy has led to UK Electric, LLC being able to maintain and improve its Experience Modification Rating from 1.0 at inception to a low of .74 and a very consistent EMR of .77 currently.



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