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Phoenix, Arizona 85040
(602) 233-3339

Buesing Corp. has experience at a wide variety of scopes of work involving both mass and medium scale earthwork and shoring. The diversity in our equipment fleet coupled with our breadth of experience makes Buesing Corp. a highly regarded specialty contractor as demonstrated by the following:

  • Ranking 5th or higher in the last 5 years in Southwest Magazine’s Top 100 Specialty Contractors Listing for Foundation / Excavation in Arizona.
  • Ranking in the top 10 in the Arizona (AZ) Business Magazine Listing for Heavy Contractors over the last 5 years.
  • Ranking in the 400s in the national Engineering News Record (ENR) Top 600 Specialty Contractors Listing for Foundation / Excavation the last 3 years.

We have proven over the years we are adaptable to meet the project requirements and willing to take on challenges and co-develop innovative designs and work plans.

Our extensive fleet of owned equipment allows Buesing Corp. to self perform a majority of the earthwork and shoring services. We often can be competitive, productive, and meet schedules because of the variety of equipment we own and the experience of our field supervisors and crew. Our diversity and robust fleet of equipment allows us to adapt a crew that makes sense from job to job, or even be flexible if there are differing conditions and new scope identified by the project team.

In recent years with the increase of alternative PDMs we have shown to be adaptable to service both the various traditional contracting and alternate PDMs, with increased estimating and project management staff and applicable technology. We have prided ourselves at helping our customers succeed in their projects and performing our work better than most of our competitors, we continually are looking for ways to set us apart from our competition.

Our reputation is invaluable to Buesing Corp. Our flexibility, competitiveness on pricing, ability to meet or beat schedules, and performance in the field has been a successful recipe for Buesing to maintain multiple repeat customers.

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