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Metal Supply, Inc.

South Gate, California 90280
(800) 400-6382     (562) 634-9940

Metal Supply, Inc. fabricates, processes and distributes carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals. Providing metal products to our valued clients throughout California since 1961. Metal Supply, Inc. diligently serves numerous industries including the petrochemical, power generation, heavy industry, manufacturing (food, beverage, chemical and pharmaceutical) with quick turnaround, custom processing and on-time delivery.

We're not content to being just one of the many metal fabricators and suppliers in California. We aim to be the best, in terms of customer service, turnaround time, product quality, custom service and prompt delivery. Whether you need steel tubing, structural I-beams, fabricated refinery skid, pipe supports, handrail, platforms, stairs or any structural steel requirement our team is there for you, even when others are closed. 

Los Angeles-area businesses have long known that Metal Supply, Inc. works with our clients & engineering departments, assisting with research and development, and ensuring metal fabrication and processing of the highest quality throughout any production run. From prep welds to structural shapes, our fabrication capabilities are state of the art, and our quality assurance system guarantees outstanding products and service. 

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