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Foundry Service & Supplies, Inc.

Ontario, California 91761
(909) 284-5000

In business since 1962, Foundry Service & Supplies, Inc. has always focused on customer satisfaction as our top priority. Our success is driven by one-on-one support from industry professionals from the minute you contact us. Our core business and technical expertise centers on high temperature insulating materials, architectural cladding & fiber-cement panel systems, sound absorbing & corrosion resistant materials, and cast & machined ceramics. We support this product base with unparalleled fabrication capabilities making us the "one stop shop" for your material, fabrication, and technical needs. Our materials encompass the following markets:


  • Furnace, Kiln, and Oven (Insulation and High Temperature Structural Components)
  • Metals Processing (Machined Molten Metal Contact Materials and Insulation)
  • Rubber and Plastics Processing (Platen, Mold, and Perimeter Insulation)
  • Ceramics (Cast & Fired Ceramic Components, Plates, Tubes, Shelves, and Kiln Furniture)
  • Aerospace (SPF (Super Plastic Forming) Tooling and Insulation Systems)
  • Glass Forming (Tooling and Insulation Systems)
  • Electrical (Electrical Insulating and Corrosion Resistant Materials)


  • Architectural Building Materials (Exterior Cladding, Wall, Floor & Roof Systems, and Fabricated Counter & Lab Tops): featuring fiber reinforced cement composites, paper-based laminates, and FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Polymer) composite panels
  • Industrial Fireproofing Systems (Including Fire Department Burn-Rooms, Structural Steel Insulation, Electrical Cable Trays, and Restaurant Grease Duct Insulation) Drainage Systems (Fiber Reinforced Cement Composite 'Under Sidewalk' Drainpipe)

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