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General Coatings Corporation

San Diego, California 92121
(858) 587-1277

With over 30 years in business, General Coatings has established a reputation as California’s premier painting, water proofing and wall covering company. By providing an extensive line of services ranging from general and high-reach painting, architectural floor coatings to water blasting and stucco repair, General Coatings has an expansive list of clients, including general contractors, property managers and home owner associations in the commercial and multi-tenant marketplace.

Successful projects start with accurate estimates

General Coatings has streamlined its operations through technology. In keeping with General Coatings green philosophy, we utilize an On-Screen computerized estimating program (reducing our paper usage by up to 90%), that allows us to create accurate and timely proposals for our clients. The company’s size, expertise and resources enable us to cater to clients’ needs more efficiently and complete jobs more quickly.

With over 20,000 projects successfully completed ranging from small jobs requiring 1 or 2 trades people to large jobs requiring over 100. You will find that all of our employee’s are ready, well trained and eager to meet all scheduling demands as well as listen to our clients needs.

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