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Midland Contractors, Inc.

Van Nuys, California 91409
(818) 783-3874

MIDLAND CONTRACTORS, INC. is a licensed General Engineering & General Contractor specializing in general construction, dental and medical facilities works, electrical, street lighting, fire sprinkler, plumbing, sewer, wet and dry underground utilities. We are expert in all types of PW projects such as catch basin, storm drain curb & gutter, side walk & concrete work paving. Cal-OSHA certified.

 Our company has been in Construction business more than 20 years and known to provide good quality of service where customer satisfaction is fully guaranteed.
The Company is a family owned and operated diversified construction company. The managers are highly expertise engineers obtained from approximately 27 years of construction experience. They are dedicated to deliver engineering works in accordance with the Building and Safety standards and, at the same time, conforming to the customers’ preference and satisfaction. All the projects are in direct supervision and management by the Owners/Managers so that proper execution shall be carried out down to the last detail. A team of highly competent workers work hand in hand with the managers for the timely completion of contracts.

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