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Our mission is to provide the Best Value, Highest Quality construction in both material and workmanship. Our objective is to welcome homeowners not just to a well constructed building, but to a place that offers reassurance of quality and the comfort of "being home." 

Achieving this mission allows us to ensure our name remains synonymous with our objectives of high degrees of customer satisfaction. Griffey homeowners as well as Griffey employees can take pride in their association with our team. 

Our work ethic and teamwork combine to produce an industry image of Integrity, Quality and Value. 
Our Philosophy

We are professionals. It is our responsibility to bring that professionalism to our work. In order to maintain the reputation we have for quality and integrity, it's imperative that we set and meet high standards that exceed BOCA codes. We operate on "Griffey Codes." As for the quote above - it is our burden to identify and correct sub-standard quality BEFORE the homeowner's review. When done properly - and to Griffey's standards - there should be nothing that the homeowner identifies as needing correction. Tim Griffey is a frequent presence on job sites; it follows then that "it's done right when the top man knows what 'done right' looks like". 

The management of Griffey Construction, Inc. will work continually for the benefit of our present and prospective customers as well as our employees to improve the competitive position of our company.

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