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General Information for:
MDI Rock

Phoenix, Arizona 85050
(602) 569-8722

General Information for:
MDI Rock

Phoenix, Arizona 85050
(602) 569-8722

  1. Surface Select Boulder - MDI Rock
  2. Surface Select Boulder - MDI Rock
  3. Strip Cut Flagstone - MDI Rock
  4. Aggregate Base Course - MDI Rock
  5. Rainbow 1/2

About MDI Rock

Phoenix, Arizona 85050

MDI Rock specializes in natural stone products designed to enhance and harmonize with the natural beauty of the American southwest. Providing quality landscape rock products in Arizona and beyond since 1988. With over 50 colors of decorative groundcover. Rip rap, Flagstone, Topsoil, Sand, Gravel and a huge selection of boulders. We deliver from either our Phoenix or Prescott locations to all points whether it’s across the street or around the globe we will gladly accommodate. MDI Rock carries a wide variety Of quality rock products for most applications: Boulders, Flagstone, Granite/Ground Cover, Rip Rap, Sand & Gravel, Top Soil and many others.

MDI Rock has a very large selection of accent boulders in sizes ranging from basketball size all the way up to compact car sizes and larger. Our state of the art placement crane will help you get the right boulder where you want it for a reasonable price.

Our products are available in many sizes and colors.  Check with your local MDI Rock facility to find the perfect rocks for your project today!

Since 1988 MDI rock has built our business model around “doing it in the dirt” and have been doing small and niche excavation projects since 1996. In late 2003 we embarked on our first pipeline project consisting of 1 mile of 12” water main and 1 mile of clay pipe sewer main. It was a crash course in the pipe business which included deep sewer hard digging conditions, and what seemed like never ending rain and mud and most in a busy collector street. Thanks to the expertise of our first pipe crew the project was finished within budget and on time despite skyrocketing costs and unfavorable weather. Since our first project MDI has made a strong commitment to hire the best people, provide competitive prices and above all complete our projects on time and in an open and honest fashion, we “walk our talk”

Excavation -MDI Rock can provide many types of excavation services including

Site development

Mass excavation import/export

Structural backfill

Rock excavation

Mine development/closure

Landfill development/closure

Storm Drain Systems -MDI Rock is capable of constructing many of the storm drain systems used in Arizona for either small or large projects. Our services include but are not limited to.

Large diameter pipe up to 140"

Multi row CMP installations

Storm Teck systems

Concrete structures

Bypass systems

Water Systems -MDI Rock installs water mains and water services for Industrial, Commercial and Municipal projects including but not limited to.

Large Diameter mains.

R/R existing systems

Rock Excavation

Fire Line Systems

Temporary Water

Sanitary Sewer Systems -MDI Rock's experienced personnel can perform even the most difficult installations including.

All types of piping including VCP

Bypass systems

R & R existing systems

Forced Mains

Deep Installations

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