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ACS Services LLC is a company which performs geotechnical engineering design and material testing services; including soils reports, construction recommendations, soils and construction materials testing, and observation services which typically include compaction testing, concrete testing, and asphalt testing. We have our own drill rig to execute subsurface investigations, an on-site laboratory, and an in-house staff of certified technicians and professional engineers to ensure a fast turn around time on all projects large or small. Our drilling rig is a mobile mounted CME 45 with 7 ½ inch hollow auger drill stem. Our laboratory performs full-service testing on the following materials: soils, aggregates, bituminous materials/asphalt concrete, masonry, and portland cement concrete.
ACS Services LLC was founded in 1984 and has recently moved to new ownership to provide for an expansion of services and growth within the industry. ACS has always prided itself on accurate results, on time service, being easy to work with, upfront honesty with no surprises, delivering bid quality documents on budget, being price competitive, and working Arizona wide.

How do you know if you need ACS Services LLC?

Geotechnical engineering is an important consideration in the design of a new or expanding facility and during remediation activities for a failed or distressed facility. You will need ACS Services LLC if you are considering building a structure or need forensic work on an existing building’s foundation, pad, or subgrade. Engineering design, laboratory tests, field tests, and construction monitoring are normally required during any phase of a construction project to ensure quality assurance and that project is being done according to specifications. The testing and monitoring is performed to reduce risk associated with poor materials and construction practices; also, it provides reasonable engineering assurance to the project owner that the materials and construction methods meet the project specifications.

How do you know if you need ACS Services LLC?

ACS Geotechnical Drilling is used for subsurface investigations to determine the stability, classification, and change of soil type as a function of depth and location. The drilling and soil sampling are used to provide data for engineering and design prior to construction. This data is then used to compile a report used to determine the type and use of preventative measures to mitigate possible settlement, soil movement or expansion that may adversely impact existing or proposed structures

How do you know if you need ACS Services LLC?

ACS Services LLC is on location at construction sites to evaluate the suitability of construction materials and to ensure certain aspects of construction are being performed with good engineering judgment. In general, ACS determines whether materials comply with project specifications and ACS monitors construction procedures to ensure consistency and uniformity. These services are part of the quality assurance / quality control (QA/QC) portion of a project. These include: site and subgrade preparation, foundation excavations and conditions, placement and compaction of fill and backfill, imported and select materials, asphalt concrete, portland cement concrete, grout, and mortar.
Those materials which cannot be tested on a construction site are sent to the ACS laboratory; where laboratory services are performed as per ASTM and AASHTO standards.

Lab Tests include -
Soils: Sieve Analysis, Plasticity Index, Maximum Proctor Density, Specific Gravity, Remolded Swell, pH & Resistivity, and Soluble Salts
Portland Cement Concretes: Compressive Strength Testing
Bituminous Paving Mixtures: Unit Weight and Thickness, Percent Oil Content, Gradation (Extracted Average), Asphalt Stripping, Maximum Theoretical Specific Gravity, Marshall Density, Stability/Flow of Compacted Specimen

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