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Architectural Coatings

Architectural Coatings

Caulking & Cleaning Painted Panels

Skyline One Caulking

Structural Glazing

Caulking Building Exterior


Cleaned & Seal Anodized

Cleaning & Sealing Anodized Aluminum

Glass Restoration

Hyatt Place

Under Armour - Metal Sills Painting

Shows field paint over anodized Alumilite 215 aluminum curtain wall

Anodized aluminum panels showing restored panel on the left using UBS # 200 specifications and panel on the right showing weathering, discoloration and stains.

Window on the left showing staining and dirt. Window on the right has been restored using UBS #100 specifications.

Alucabond panels and glass on the left showing accumulation of dirt and stains. Panels and glass on the right have been restored using UBS specifications

Duranodic anodized panel restored using UBS #200 specifications.

Building entrance painted using a premium flouropolymer system.

Anodized aluminum panels showing before and after.

Duranodic anodized aluminum panels showing before and after UBS restoration.

Anodized aluminum window frames restored using UBS #200 specifications.

Anodized aluminum panels in the middle have been restored using UBS #200 specifications. Panels on the right and left show whitening and staining.

Anodized aluminum panels on the right show the degree of restoration achieved using the UBS #200 specifications. On the left side, aluminum panels showing discoloration,dirt and stains.