Company Info

  • Est. 1984
  • Annual Vol Undisclosed


Our Licenses

13VHO6285900 2018
Home Improvement Contractor
State of New Jersey - Elite Landscaping and Construction
436061 2018
Landscape Irrigation
State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection - Frederick A. Landgraber III

Our Certifications

Public Works Contractor Registration 681940 2018
State of New Jersey - Elite Landscaping and Construction

Safety Record & Training

Drug Policy
Pre Employment Drug Testing
Post Incident Drug Testing
Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing
Random Drug Testing

Our Insurance Coverage

Scirocco Financail Group, Inc.
Marie Falcon
777 Terrace Ave. Suite 309
Hasbrouck Heights NJ 07604
(201) 727-0070
(201) 727-0080
Policy Type Amount Expiration Date
General Liability $0 Oct 2017
Worker's Compensation $0 Oct 2017
Auto Liability $0 Oct 2017
Umbrella $0 Oct 2017
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