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Universal Fog Misting Systems

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Located in Arizona
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Universal Fog Misting Systems has been in business since 1996.

Our main lines of business include: Misting Systems.

We are located in Mesa, Arizona.

Universal Fog Systems, Inc. manufactures and installs high-pressure fog and misting systems and fog fans for residential, commercial, and agricultural applications. Universal Fog offers systems for various applications from residential to agricultural to commercial and industrial systems. Residentially, we can transform your patio, gazebo, or spa to achieve total comfort. Our high-pressure pumps and misting system, with ultra-fine misting nozzles, can achieve temperature drops of up to 40 degrees. Let us help with temperature and humidity control in your leisure area! In the agriculture community, we can assist businesses in numerous areas. Our misting system can help with temperature and odor control to keep your livestock or personal pet cool and "fresh". We also specialize in humidification systems, climate and temperature controls. An example of this would be our assistance in the cotton storage facilities. For commercial and industrial, our presence can be seen in many everyday fields. We can provide misting systems and cooling fans for amusement parks, restaurant patios, office smoking area, equipment operators, and for the purpose of bird, odor and dust control.

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