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The Tint Pros (TTP) has been Southern California's premier window film installation company since 1979. TTP offers Residential, Commercial and Automotive window tinting. TTP has been serving Southen California for over 30 years and is family owned and operated. 


Lonnie and Greg Earl been growing this business from the ground up through referral from happy customers for over 30 years of business. Greg is regarded as one of the best window film installers in the country. The Tint Pros have been awarded with dozens of awards of excellence and even Vista Window Film's Dealer of the Year for 2012. Lonnie and Greg are involved in every project to ensure the installation is at the high quality standards that have been known for over 30 years. The Tint Pros has an over 95% referral rate and we would love to show you why! 


The Tint Pro's™ showroom and installation facilities are located at 16582 Gothard St, Huntington Beach, CA and 881 W 16th St., Newport Beach, CA. The 3000 square foot facilities are utilized exclusively for the sales, consultation, demonstration, and installation of window film. The impressive show room (1600 sq ft.) enables the staff to isolate each individual client to areas most appropriate for their needs; Residential, Commercial, Automotive, Safety/Security, and Development. Each area is complete with interactive computer programs, interactive displays, and continuous DVD presentation of products and their unique features. In addition, The Tint Pros Corporate office at 7391 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92647 has been created as an upscale conference room exclusively for interior designers, their clients and elite special projects.

The installation portion of the facility  is designed for contractors, glass companies, etc., (film installation requirements prior to glass installation) and Automobiles. In addition, we have a special projects installation area for unique applications. This area is primarily used for a confidential project that after months of R&D The Tint Pros was selected exclusively to apply a specific film coating. The end use of the glass is the imaging surface of multi-million dollar video imaging systems.

The remaining portion of the installation facility is designed for the precise installation of our exclusive Formula One automotive window films. Our ultra clean installation facility utilizes our two large format state-of-the-art computerized plotting systems that precisely cuts patterns for each specific vehicle. Our in-stock glass coating inventory consists of nearly $100,000.00 in product selection.

The Tint ProsTM facility is one of the largest Window tint facilities in Orange and LA Counties that ONLY provides glass-coating solutions. The Tint Pros is the only large window tint company where the owners are working on every project. This ensures our clients that the agreements made during the estimating process (by the owners), remain consistent throughout the completion of the project (by the owners). The Tint Pros has access to a large network of certified installers through CP Films to assist us with large projects that demand extreme completion times.

Since 1979, The Tint Pros has earned the confidence, trust and more important, personal referral from thousands of satisfied clients. Unlike many tint shops who limit capabilities of installations predicated by convenience or lack of investments (i.e. auto only or flat glass only). The Tint Pros specializes in the installation of Glass Coatings regardless of its installed configuration.

One important consideration is the fact that The Tint Pros has a 95% referral rate for installation across the board; commercial, residential, safety, security, and automotive. We are not the typical company where we are holding the licenses and insurances and subcontracting the work to the cheapest labor.

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