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Since 1984, Wintech Solutions has been focused on discovering and re-purposing available surface overlay films to restore and improve building materials used in home and commercial structures. Tenant improvements to new construction can always benefit from the multi-faceted solutions that Wintech Solutions provides with a single layer surface overlay.

  • Window Tinting window panes to reduce the detrimental effects of entering sunlight while allowing natural light to filter into the room. Fading, glare and safety are all improved when windows are coated with modern window film products.
  • Acrylic Surfaces are beautiful but so easy to scratch through daily cleaning. Wintech Solutions can make micro-scratches from daily cleaning disappear while providing a scratch-resistant overlay film to keep looking good. 
  • Glass Surfaces are discarded in an alarming rate and will not begin to degrade in 10,000 years. Wintech Solutions restores stained or scratched glass to avoid the refuse pile. Window overlays can then strengthen glass to become more same, provide better security and/or change it's appearance to control privacy. Wintech Solutions can print color, white or etched images to glass films to mimic many expensive design found in custom resin and glass panels at a fraction of the cost.?
  • Stainless Steel Surfaces look great until they are dented and scratched. The expense of replacement can be tough to budget not to mention the wait time for fabrication. Wintech Solutions uses specially laminated media that simulates the look of stainless steel to restore panels in-the-field and make damaged panels look new overnight. Elevator panels to bathroom stalls can always look great with this protective coating.
  • Stone Surfaces can be susceptible to the acid-etching of cocktail drinks, leaving an etch-ring in the stone. Wintech Solutions stone coating makes acid-etching disappear while making the stone look new again. Expensive Onyx stone are well preserved and protected with our coating.
  • Wall Murals fabricated and installed by Wintech Solutions are more vibrant and durable than specified to improve longevity and fade resistancy.
  • Window Graphics has become our new specialty. Wintech Solutions can simulate nearly any custom glass or acrylic panel design as well as antique mirror acrylics that can be field shaped in the field. Simulations are a great value-engineered alternative to the real product.

We are located in the Costa Mesa, California area and service most of the Southern California region. Call us when you need a damaged surface restored and protected. We look forward to your challenge.

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