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Arizona's premier source for used office furniture Office Furniture Outlet offers a unique combination of products and services to provide a single source for all of your facility furnishings and related services.

Our President, Aaron Ingersoll started Interstate Systems Installation in 1989 after his employer shut the doors.  We have since re-branded ourselves to Office Furniture Outlet in 2013. We truly offer a full service office experience. With Aaron’s connections in the industry and his knowledge of the market created the perfect opportunity to build a company that provided interim installation and delivery services to the local market.  He started gaining the trust and mind share of the smaller dealers and built up the services and the size of his clients over time.  By servicing this market, contacts and relationships were formed with large corporate clients who began contacting Interstate Systems and now Office Furniture Outlet directly for those services.

The companies that needed the relocation or installation services began to push for large quantity, high quality pre-owned merchandise.  Over the years Office Furniture Outlet consistently increased its used furniture storage capability and began to aggressively pursue larger and larger acquisitions of previously owned furniture for re-sale.  In many cases, the contracts to remove the furniture included the furniture itself as a by-product, providing incredible inventory opportunities

With a comprehensive range of services and economical office furniture purchase options, Office Furniture Outlet is poised to expand and meet the growing demand and ongoing needs for recycled office furniture and office furniture services at price points needed in this economy.

The combined company provides end to end turnkey services to Corporate America and also provides piecemeal services to large furniture dealers throughout the country.  The services offered are as follows:

  1. Installation & Reconfiguration of Modular Office Furniture Systems
  2. Selling New & Used Office Furniture
  3. Re-Manufacturing Steelcase Workstations and Re-Branding it under our own brand called “REVIVE”
  4. Liquidation of Office Furniture
  5. Buying & Selling  of Used Case goods & Modular Systems Furniture
  6. Staff of Layout Designers Specializing in AutoCAD & Giza Software  for all Office Layout Applications
  7.  Moving services both locally and nationally. Specializing in Inter-Market moves!

At Office Furniture Outlet we truly are a one-stop-shop for all your office furniture needs !!!!

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