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Welcome to KRB Construction, servicing the Greater Los Angeles Area.  Here are details on our specific services:


Sewer & Pipeline Cleaners & Rehabilitation

We specialize in sewer line location with camera inspection, sewer line repair, hydrojetting, sewer line replacement, and sewer spill cleanup.  Serving the greater Los Angeles area and South Bay area.  Servicing your commercial, municipal, warehouse, hotel, large estates and residential needs.


Foundation Contractors - Geotechnical & Specialty

Commercial, residential, and municipal projects.  We specialize in leveling structures, foundation repairs, foundation replacement, epoxy injection, underpinning, waterproofing foundations, french drains, underground drainage systems, excavation and underslab waterproofing.  We work with architects, structural engineers, and geologists to perform commercial and residential projects.  


Sewer Contractors, Underpinning & Trench Drain

We specialize in sewer line installation, sewer line repairs, and replacements.  Commercial, hotel, warehouse, large estates and residential.  Sewer line camera inspections, hydrojetting, line location, french drains, sump pumps and underground drainage systems.  Serving greater Los Angeles, Malibu and the South Bay.


We service the Greater Los Angeles Area, and we specialize in Soft-Story-Retrofit, which is required by the City of Los Angeles!

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