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We stock a wide variety of metal floor decking and metal roof decking in several different gauges for NEXT DAY DELIVERY.


Our most common profiles in stock are: 3WxH-36 Metal Floor Deck, 2WH-36 Metal Floor Deck, BH-36 Metal Floor Deck, B-36 Metal Roof Deck, and DG N-32 Metal Roof Deck. We stock these steel decking profiles in 16 gauge, 18 gauge, and 20 gauge. With a saw on-site, we are able to cut-to-size, and are able to ship to most of California within 1-2 days.


There is a wide variety of architectural roofing materials that we can quote directly from the factory. Also, if you're trying to find a match to an existing profile, we're happy to search for it. Other products are available with special order. Panels cut to length large or small orders! Accessories are available!


We are a Certified Small Business, and many of these profiles have been L.A. County Approved.


Please call us today, or Request a Quote (below) for any of your metal floor & metal roof decking needs!

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