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Structural Connection Services
Structural Connection Services Say Core Systems
Structural Connection Services
Structural Connection Services Manufacture and erect prestressed hollow-core floor and roof slabs
Structural Connection Services
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Structural Connection Services
Structural Connection Services Say-Core, Inc.
Structural Connection Services
Structural Connection Services Say-Core, Inc.
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Founded In: 1988

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SAY-CORE 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″ planks are extruded precast/prestressed hollow core planks 4′-0 wide slabs which are fabricated using the state of the art SAY-CORE extrusion process and machinery. Slabs are manufactured by skilled PCI Certified Plant technicians at our plant under controlled conditions using SAY-CORE PCE Elematic self propelled extrusion machines, placing and vibrating the concrete, forming the hollow cores and four grout keys, producing a precast slab of the highest quality.


• Consistent Cores
• Dimensional Accuracy
• PCI Certified and U .L. Rated Plant
• High Strength Uniform Concrete
• Low Uniform Camber


The underside of the SAY-CORE slab is steel form smooth and can be left either as is or painted. SAY-CORE may be used with or without topping. Joints between slabs are grouted. On untopped SAY-CORE Plank, it is recommended that a minimum of 1/2″ levelor be applied to the top before applying padding, carpet, tile, wood flooring or seamless floor coverings.


FIRE RATINGS – 8″, 10″, and 12″ untopped slabs have a 2 hour fire resistance classification for both restrained and unrestrained conditions. 6″ plank has a 1 hour fire rating.

ACOUSTICAL INSTALLATION – SAY-CORE slabs produce better sound insulation than solid concrete floors of the equivalent thickness. Untopped 8″ SAY-CORE has ratings of STC48 and NRC55.

IMPLIFYING CONSTRUCTION – SAY-CORE slabs can be fabricated even before on site construction has begun and can be ready for installation as soon as the foundation and framing are prepared. In addition, the slabs can be installed regardless of weather conditions. The installed floor requires no curing or temporary decking, so a safe, smooth working deck is immediately available to allow other trades to continue without delay. Improved site management is a side benefit, especially when space is limited. In most cases, SAY-CORE slabs can be delivered as required and erected directly from the truck.



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