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Escalante Concrete Construction, Inc.

Tucson, Arizona 85740
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“To deliver high quality concrete work by doing everything right the first time” sounds so simple, doesn’t it?

This final mission statement evolved from the professional facilitation of many discussions over an extended period of time where the topic of discussion was – how can we be better? These discussions included members of the Escalante team in all aspects of the business - multi-disciplinary work sessions that included laborers, skilled craftsmen, accountants, receptionists, estimators, schedulers, and virtually every area of the company. Why? With the philosophy that all perspectives matter towards creating optimum results, we encourage every member of the Escalante team to speak up and contribute their perspective. This means that perhaps the newest laborer in the field may come up with a great idea that can improve efficiency and productivity. The receptionist may suggest something to remind our customers just how much we appreciate them when they call our offices. From initiation of the bid process to project launch to final completion, all processes were defined and streamlined to produce maximum efficiency and productivity. This painstaking process resulted in the final conclusion that proactive planning, employee development and operational excellence will produce an environment where all actions conspire “to deliver high quality concrete work by doing everything right the first time.”

Our Core Values:

Passion- A contagious enthusiasm about the company and the service it provides.
Respect- Consideration for fellow employees, customers, and vendors.
Accountability- The obligation to every team member has to do the job right the first time, without seeking recognition or assigning blame.
Integrity- Escalante team members adhere to a firm moral standard. Lying, cheating, and stealing are not tolerated.
Service- A commitment to deliver value to customers, and to be pleasant to work with at every level of the organization.
Excellence- The commitment to do things right the first time, and constantly look for opportunities to improve.

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