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AMS Heating, Inc.

Stockton, California 95215
(209) 466-6692

AMS Heating  has been providing HVAC construction and mechanical services to all of California. Over the past thirteen years we have completed thousands of projects for virtually every industry in California, and through these projects, we have earned a reputation for quality and dependability.

AMS Heating, Inc. has been in business since August 13th 1999. Specializing in Design & Build and Public Works Projects. We currently hold a C-20, C-43, C-36, and C-4 licenses. Our HVAC and Plumbing crews are supported by an experienced and professional staff:

Services we offer include: Maintenance- Replace Filters, Clean Condenser Coils, Monitor Refrigerant Levels, Test for Proper Air Flow, Plumbing Replacements- Boilers, Sinks, Toilets, Hot Water Heaters, Hydronic Systems, Replacements- AC Units, Refrigerant, and Thermostats.



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